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Principal Investigator 


Cindy (Xiangjia) Li

Assistant Professor

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

551 E Tyler Mall, ERC 457

Tempe, AZ 85281

​Email:Xiangjia.Li AT

Tel: (480) 727-8612   


2014-2019   Ph.D.  in Industrial & Systems Engineering, University of Southern California

2017-2019   M.S.  in Computer Science, University of Southern California

2011-2014   M.E. in Manufacturing Engineering, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China​

2007-2011   B.E. in Mechanical Engineering, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China​

Research interests

Novel Additive Manufacturing Process Development

New solid freeform fabrication process investigation for multi-scale and multi-material manufacturing

Biomimetic Functional Structures and Material Fabrication via Advanced Manufacturing

Develop design and manufacturing methodologies for functional composite with biomimetic hierarchical structures

Bio-printing of Medical Material for Healthcare

Design and manufacturing of next-generation medical implants and drug delivery device

Lab Members

Ph.D. students

Yizhen Zhu

(Mechanical Engineering)

Research topic:

Novel additive manufacturing 

process development

Tengteng Tang——Photo.jpg

Tengteng Tang

(Mechanical Engineering) 

Research topic: Biomimetic additive manufacturing 

of functional material


Dylan Joralmon

(Mechanical Engineering) 

Research topic:

Metal additive manufacturing 

process development

Master students

Sheefali Balapure (Major: Mechanical Engineering)                     


Soham Khairnar (Major: Mechanical Engineering)

Sriram Rama Prakash (Major: Mechanical Engineering)

Mohammed Nabeel Hussain Zakir (Major: Robotic Engineering)

Undergraduate students


Master students

Xiaotian Shen (Major: Mechanical Engineering)                             Aaditya Rajendra Raje (Major: Mechanical Engineering)


Sanjay Keshava Murthy (Major: Mechanical Engineering)           Shreya Reddy (Major: Mechanical Engineering)

Bhushan Ahire (Major: Manufacturing Engineering)                    Krishna Koparde (Major: Manufacturing Engineering)

Kunal Gide (Major: Mechanical Engineering)                                  Lakshya Tiwari (Major: Mechanical Engineering)


Mitesh Suhas Deshpande (Major: Manufacturing Engineering)  Gana Sai Kiran Avinash Raj Dwarampudi (Major: Mechanical Engineering)


Rohan Ravishekar (Major: Mechanical Engineering)                     Prem K Nawab (Major: Mechanical Engineering)


Harsh Verma (Major: Mechanical Engineering)                              Amal Rai (Major: Mechanical Engineering) 


Parimal Pradeep Prabhudesai (Major: Mechanical Engineering)Ivan Pesqueira (Major: Mechanical Engineering) 

Dhanashree Sargar (Major: Mechanical Engineering)                     Jessica Westerham (Major: Mechanical Engineering) 

Nadine Iradukunda (Major: Mechanical Engineering)                      Gana Sai Kiran Avinash Raj Dwarampudi (Major: Mechanical Engineering) 


Pranith Alluri (Major: Mechanical Engineering) 

Undergraduate students

Dylan Joralmon (Major: Aerospace Engineering)

Joshua Blair (Major: Mechanical Engineering)

John Hutchins (Major: Mechanical Engineering)

Zachary Poit (Major: Mechanical Engineering)

Omar Serag (Major: Mechanical Engineering)                                 Leena Jalaghi (Major: Mechanical Engineering)

Stephanie Kim (Major: Mechanical Engineering)                           Jillian Colacicco(Major: Mechanical Engineering)

Sarah M. Mathias (Major: Biological Sciences)                                Shengyinghao Chen (Major: Mechanical Engineering)

Vineet Adesh Butala (Major: Mechanical Engineering)                 Emily A Hudson (Major: Chemical Engineering)

Angelina Barron (Major: Mechanical Engineering)                       Tochukwu Anyigbo (Major: Mechanical Engineering)

Prakhar Ghirnikar (Major: Computer Science)                               

Highschool students

Alvin Hossain (Basis Chandler)

Mistari Vaibhav Gopal (Major: Mechanical Engineering)                     


Lakshmi Jayant (Major: Mechanical Engineering)

Venkata Subrahmanya Krishna Vamshi Vemuri (Major: Mechanical Engineering)

John Walling (Major: Mechanical Engineering)                             Ana Girish (Major: Mechanical Engineering)


Minju Yoo (Major: Mechanical Engineering)              

Highschool students

Chase (Gary K. Herberger Young Scholars Academy)                     


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