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Principal Investigator 


Cindy (Xiangjia) Li

Assistant Professor

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

551 E Tyler Mall, ERC 457

Tempe, AZ 85281

​Email:Xiangjia.Li AT

Tel: (480) 727-8612   


2014-2019   Ph.D.  in Industrial & Systems Engineering, University of Southern California

2017-2019   M.S.  in Computer Science, University of Southern California

2011-2014   M.E. in Manufacturing Engineering, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China​

2007-2011   B.E. in Mechanical Engineering, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China​

Research interests

Novel Additive Manufacturing Process Development

New solid freeform fabrication process investigation for multi-scale and multi-material manufacturing

Biomimetic Functional Structures and Material Fabrication via Advanced Manufacturing

Develop design and manufacturing methodologies for functional composite with biomimetic hierarchical structures

Bio-printing of Medical Material for Healthcare

Design and manufacturing of next-generation medical implants and drug delivery device

Lab Members

Ph.D. students

Yizhen Zhu

(Mechanical Engineering)

Research topic:

Novel additive manufacturing 

process development

Tengteng Tang——Photo.jpg

Tengteng Tang

(Mechanical Engineering) 

Research topic: Biomimetic additive manufacturing 

of functional material

Master students

Mitesh Suhas Deshpande (Major: Manufacturing Engineering)                     


Krishna Koparde (Major: Manufacturing Engineering)

Undergraduate students

Dylan Joralmon (Major: Aerospace Engineering)

Joshua Blair (Major: Mechanical Engineering)

John Hutchins (Major: Mechanical Engineering)

Zachary Poit (Major: Mechanical Engineering)

Omar Serag (Major: Mechanical Engineering)                                 Leena Jalaghi (Major: Mechanical Engineering)

Stephanie Kim (Major: Mechanical Engineering)                           Jillian Colacicco(Major: Mechanical Engineering)

Sarah M. Mathias (Major: Biological Sciences)                                Shengyinghao Chen (Major: Mechanical Engineering)

Vineet Adesh Butala (Major: Mechanical Engineering) 


After joining ASU

Xiaotian Shen (Major: Mechanical Engineering)                            Aaditya Rajendra Raje (Major: Mechanical Engineering)


Sanjay Keshava Murthy (Major: Mechanical Engineering)           Shreya Reddy (Major: Mechanical Engineering)

Bhushan Ahire (Major: Manufacturing Engineering)                     Krishna Koparde (Major: Manufacturing Engineering)

Kunal Gide (Major: Mechanical Engineering)                  

Before joining ASU
UG/MS students

Haozhe Zi (Major: Mechanical Engineering)


Xuan Zheng (Major: Mechanical Engineering)


Benshuai Xie (Major: Mechanical Engineering)


Yue Wang (Major: Mechanical Engineering)


Jonghan Lim (Major: Manufacturing Engineering)


Zixuan Huang (Major: Material Science)


Qiyuan Zhang (Major: Material Science)


Luyang Liu (Major: Material Science)

Ming Chu (Major: Material Science)


Fugue Lei (Major: Material Science)


Chaoran Lu (Major: Chemical Engineering)


Weitong Shan (Material Science)


Siyang Hao (Mechanical Engineering)


Jiahui Rong (Mechanical Engineering)


Hanyu Zhao (Mechanical Engineering)

Yiyu Chen (Mechanical Engineering)

Haofan Sun

Haofan Sun

Nithu Anna Baji

Nithu Anna Baji

Ming Chu

Ming Chu

Qiyuan Zhang

Qiyuan Zhang

Luyang Liu

Luyang Liu

Zixuan Huang

Zixuan Huang

Jonghan Lim

Jonghan Lim

Yue Wang

Yue Wang

Fuyue Lei

Fuyue Lei

Xuan Zheng

Xuan Zheng

High school students

Maggie Shi, Steven Li

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