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Ultra-fast Layer-less 3D Printing with Continuous Liquid Flow

An ultra-fast continuous 3D printing process featuring 5-10x faster speed than other mask-image- projection based SLA process and 100x faster speed than the laser-based SLA process.

Current mask image projection based stereolithography (MIP-SL) is a low cost and high-resolution solid freeform fabrication process. However, slow speed of resin refilling is primary reason that are restraining fabrication efficiency of MIP-SLA process. In addition, stair features generated by layer based processes during the fabrication also have impact on the surface quality of built part. The purpose of this research is to address the challenging issues related to the SLA based layer-less fabrication process, e.g., resin filling and material curing properties. Here, a mask video projection based stereolithography (MVP-SL) process with constant resin flow was developed to continuously fabricate object within minutes.

Full story in J. Manuf. Sci. Eng.


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