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Welcome to the lab of MI (Manufacturing Innovation) at ASU!


Our lab develops and utilizes novel additive manufacturing processes to create bioinspired functional devices, and to address some real-world challenges of design and manufacturing.

Biomimetic AM of Functional Interface

Recent News

Apr 20, 2021                 Dylan received NSF Student Support Award for NAMRC 49 / MSEC 2021.

                                        Congratulations to Dylan Joralmon! 

Feb 09, 2021                 Our paper "Magnetic Field Assisted 3D Printing of Limpet Teeth Inspired Polymer Matrix                                            Composite With Compression Reinforcement" was accepted by 2021 ASME International                                            Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference proceeding.

                                        Congratulations to Dylan Joralmon, Evangeline Amonoo, and Yizhen Zhu! 

Jan 04, 2021                 Leena Jalaghi, Omar Serag, and John Hutchins got the FURI research program support                                                 for Spring 2021. Congratulations! 

Jan 04, 2021                 Krishna Koparde and Bhushan Ahire got the MORE research program support for Spring                                         2021. Congratulations! 

Jan 03, 2021                Our paper "3D Printing Biomimetic Materials and Structures for Biomedical application"                                            was accepted by Bio-design and manufacturing (Link) 

                                      Congratulations to Yizhen Zhu, and Dylan Joralmon! 

Oct 07, 2020                Our paper "Limpet Tooth‐Inspired Painless Microneedles Fabricated by Magnetic Field‐                                                    Assisted 3D Printing" was accepted by Advanced Functional Materials (Link) and featured

                                      as Back inside cover (link)

                                      Congratulations to Yizhen Zhu, and Dylan Joralmon! 

Jan 01, 2020                Lab of Manufacturing Innovation (MI) is established in PSD324 

Recent Research

Aug 20, 2020               Call for papers on the symposium  "Advances in Bioinspired Additive Manufacturing”                                                  2021 ASME International Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference (Link)

July 01, 2020               Call for papers on special issue "Software Engineering for Smart Manufacturing”                                                          Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering (Link)

Jun 01, 2020                 Dylan Joralmon and Joshua Blair got the FURI research program support for Summer                                               2020 and  Fall 2020. Congratulations! 

May 25, 2020               Aaditya Rajendra Raje got the MORE research program support for Summer 2020 and

                                       Fall 2020. Congratulations! 

May 10, 2020               Welcome Shreya Reddy, Bhushan Ahire, Zachary Poit, and John Hutchins to join lab MI

Mar 31, 2020               Our paper "3D Printing Collembola Cuticle Inspired Superhydrophobic Microstructures                                           for Potential Deicing Application" was accepted in ISFA2020. Congratulation! 

Mar 12, 2020               Yizhen Zhu will join lab MI from Fall 2020 

Feb 10, 2020                Welcome Xiaotian Shen, Aaditya Rajendra Raje, and Sanjay Keshav to join lab MI

Feb 07, 2020                Our paper "3D‐Printed Cactus‐Inspired Spine Structures for Highly Efficient Water                                                             Collection" was featured as the Front cover of Adv. Mater. Interfaces (Link) 

Feb 01, 2020                Welcome Dylan Joralmon and Joshua Blair to join lab MI